Monday, February 15, 2016

Tech & Fashion Spotlight: Co.alition Smart Backpacks

Co.alition Backpacks offer a line of simple, clean and Tech design-driven bags that are rooted in a desire to get the consumer outside. Life is busy and adventure is waiting , however before you jet out the door, remember you'll need to pack a few things. Mainly your smartphone and charging cord. What's beautiful about Co.alition Backpacks is that you can take your things and toss them into their sleek and stylish backpacks. Co.alition Backpacks do a wonderful job of keep your beloved gadgets charged and your files accessible from anywhere on the go.
Many may ask,with more and more electronic devices, how do you ensure they all stay powered? How do you store digital content alongside physical content? And how do those things all fit together?

Co.alition offers a backpack line that smartly charges gadgets and also allows users to store and access files. For founders Jeff Popp and Casey Lorenzen the initial challenge was designing a product that treated all the unique issues of blending physical and digital content into a single carry-able unit .

Fortunately the duo was able to combine all of these things and more. Co.altion's signature backpack, The Colfax PHD includes a 500GB wireless drive in addition to the power feature. The drive can create its own local Wi-FI network (LAN) to which iPhones and iPads can connect alongside laptops and desktops. The team partnered with Seagate to help create the unique digital storage solution.
If Fashion or Style is something you are worried about, don't ! The actual bag part of the Backpack line is something Popp and Lorenzen have been working on for more than two years. The pair had previously designing outdoor packs before deciding to turn their attention toward the urban market by blending digital into the equation.

What's must intriguing about the company is the fact that the future of inherently digital products being carried around in the physical world is still very much in the shaking-out stage. We live in a world that demands always-connected access and yet we can’t rely on power and Internet everywhere we go. Quite simply, Co.alition gets this right.
I mean you can't find a better backpack that combines having files and power integrated into the bag you carry along with your headphones and other personal items all in one. It just makes sense. If you are looking for a backpack that combines style,durability and comfort with technology check out Co.alition today !  Listen to our interview with Co.alition founders Jeff & Casey Here !