Wednesday, March 9, 2016

In Memoriam: The Notorious B.I.G

Today marks the anniversary of the death of Hip Hops' most influential artist; Biggie Smalls.Whether you love him or hate him, Christopher Wallace changed the way that many people see Rap and Hip Hop. He recorded as The Notorious B.I.G.  However most people know him as Biggie Smalls, or just Biggie. He was murdered when he was just 24 years old. Despite this however, he's one of the most revered, emulated and biggest-selling rappers in the game.He learned diction and phrasing from jazz saxophonist Donald Harrison, when Biggie was just a teenager in Brooklyn and still went by the name Chris Wallace.
Unfortunately Big dropped out of high school after his freshman year. He reportedly began selling drugs, but he kept practicing at his rapping skill set. It's reported that at least one person shot video of him free-styling on the street in Brooklyn when he was 17.

By 19, a local DJ named 50 Grand made a mixtape for Big that ended up in the Source magazine's Unsigned Hype column. Puff Daddy heard it and eventually signed Big to a deal. By 1993, he had a song in the movie Who's The Man? called "Party and Bulls—t." From there as they say "the rest is history".Biggie was shot to death March 9, 1997, only 6 months after Tupac Shakur was murdered. The two rappers had been friends, and there's a lot of speculation that their killings were connected. No arrest has ever been made and most suspects connected to the crime have died under questionable circumstances.
Many people say, had Big lived, the rap game would be very different today. I strongly agree and the fact of the matter is that he was so young and just starting to push the boundaries of his genre. The most unique thing about Big's style is that he told stories about people whose voices don't get heard.