Monday, March 7, 2016

Interview: Migrant Kids

Cousins Miguel Ojeda and John Zakoor have been playing music together for a decade and a half, dating back to when they lived in Detroit, and their upbeat, post-rock riffing, pop act, Migrant Kids are releasing the precise and most excellent Primordial Soup EP on May 13th on Pure Joy Records.

Alongside the record announcement, the band have debuted the video for "Thread", a throwback-styled performance video set in the band's hometown of Laredo, in which their city's backdrop provides the perfect setting for the arpeggiated hit song, that echoes the finer Bloc Party singles.

The four song extended player swoops in quickly and grabs the listener with such a powerful backbeat immediately, that the top tier hooks almost seem like an afterthought. The chorus guitar and earnest vocal sincerity pile on top of the grooves so perfectly that the juxtaposition of that driving force and saccharine melodies create a brilliant tension you want out of a pop act like Migrant Kids.

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