Monday, March 7, 2016

Tech Spotlight: Mighty Audio

Streaming Giant, Spotify made a shift toward accessibility in streaming that has enabled many to take our love of music and new exploration into virtually every area of our  daily lives. With this in mind, a new device has arrived which syncs with your Spotify playlists to deliver the music you love on the go: Mighty Audio is the next step of listening convenience, without risking damage to your phone or vital devices.
Mighty Audio is convenient for workouts with a clip-on design much like iPod shuffle’s, though with Spotify’s color scheme. Sync playlists from your phone to the device for offline use, with 2GB of built-in storage offloading the data sag on your phone and setting you on track with roughly 48 hours of music, by Mighty's estimate. Mighty will speak back the name of playlists as you cycle through them. Users can configure the device to their precise preferences while Bluetooth syncing makes the experience quick and painless. Check out Mighty Audio's Kickstarter Here !