Monday, April 25, 2016

#MusicMonday: Beyonce + HBO's Newest Special Lemonade

Beyonce's newest video album, Lemonade showed the complexities of black women, she herself showed vulnerability from the very first song.

“Pray You Catch Me” , is as soft and tender , it’s laying your heart out , all the questions you have asked yourself.

“Hold Up “, the acknowledgement for your feelings and holding someone accountable for there actions.

”Don’t Hurt Yourself “, is the epitome of the black women, we will be alright with or with out you so pull yourself together IMMEDIATELY.

, is unapologetic , its saying I have nothing to apologize for when you messed up, go to that other woman if you want to.

“6 INCH”
, the hard working woman , shes got her own , you don’t need you to do a thing for her because she will do it on her own, she wants nothing from you.

“Daddy Lessons” ,
this is a country song , for all those men that love to say women especially black women are looking for a man to replace our fathers , this is for you. She wrote a song about a father teaching his daughter to fight for herself and when a man comes to her that seems just like him to shoot.

“Love Drought”
, this is believing in the love you and someone have. the faith that you can build everything back up together.After the fall the only way is up, its you and me ,lets do this,we are a team its all about us.

“Sandcastles” Begging the person you love to show you that they feel something , to prove to you that everything you built together wasn’t for nothing at all.

“Forward” is the continuation to “sandcastles” its sang by james blake , there is a line in this that says “ I love you more than this job” and there is another line asking your love to lay back in the spot next to you. This warrants no explanation. listen to it and feel it.

“Freedom” EMPOWERMENT , this song is acknowledging police brutality and the live of our black men and black boys that have been lost at the hands of the police with out any justice. The only crime  they committed was being black.Bless there family ,may the lord grant them peace that surpasses all understanding. The song features Kendrick Lamar.

“All Night” after the fall , after feeling alone, after all the pain.The healing that true love brings, coming back together after being apart for so very long gives you new life and passion.

“Formation” EMPOWERMENT, the song that shook the super bowl, made critics angry, made police officers feel unsupported by her because she acknowledged her blackness and used her voice and platform to give her people strength. She used symbolism and visualization to make pointed statements and let everyone know she knows her roots. I love my negro nose with jackson five nostrils.
I love Lemonade because Beyonce just showed the world that black women aren’t the stereotypes that jokes are made out of . African American females are emotional beings , they cry , they fight, they work hard and they rebuild. African American women can be sexy and still be all about business , they are'nt just body figures to drool over . Just as black  lives matter, black women matter,their feelings matter, their mental health matters and their CHILDREN MATTER.