Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Learn To Drive Dodge + SRT Like a Pro at The Bondurant Driving School !

The Dodge/SRT Bondurant Driving School offers buyers of the companies most powerful machines the chance to learn how to handle their cars in a series of high performance and safety challenges. The idea is to teach more than just how to kick up adrenaline levels. Dodge and Bondurant want to make sure buyers know how to get the most of their cars skillfully and safely.

The racing school hosting Dodge/SRT was founded by Bob Bondurant. The winner of the 24 Hours of LeMans and countless other races, BOndurant started the school after an injury ended his active racing career. At 83, he still drives hot laps for visitors today.

Dodge invited automotive media professionals out to Arizona to experience firsthand what the buyers of Chargers, Challengers and Vipers will learn if they sign up for high octane education at Bondurant. Whether they buy Scat Pack, Hellcat or any trim variation, buyers of a Dodge/SRT vehicle purchased since April, 2005 receive a day at the school included in the cost of their vehicle.

The one day driving course covers all aspects of driving Dodge's most powerful machines — including accident Avoidance, skid control, auto-cross, lead-and-follow track laps and hot laps in-car with Bondurant's experienced racers.

The Dodge/SRT school operates in conjunction with, but alongside Bondurant's ongoing racing school training, creating an adrenaline-charging environment of sound and speed.