Friday, May 20, 2016

Rapper Macklemore and POTUS Discuss The Dangers of Drug Addiction

Hip-hop star and anti-addiction advocate Macklemore recently joined President Obama to discuss the dangers of a rising problem in America: addiction to prescription pain killers.

The reality of the problem is shocking. As the president notes, drug overdoses now kill more Americans every year than traffic accidents. And, in the last 16 years, the number of Americans who have died after overdosing on opioids has tripled. And, because the the pain killers are prescribed by doctors, more and more Americans are getting access to the medicines that could also become the source of deadly addictions.

Macklemore, who himself overcame addiction with the help of recovery resources and a 12-step program, has been vocal about the drugs’ danger. Along with advocating for new legislative measures including training for doctors and additional resources to first-responders helping overdose victims—the duo announced that they are creating a new MTV special to help raise awareness about the issue. It will air later this summer.