Thursday, July 28, 2016

Apple Music Is Slated To Launch New "Carpool Karaoke" Series

The hip segment to Comedian James Cordon's The Late Late Show will now become a stand-alone TV show, available exclusively to subscribers of Apple Music. Now, even though the format will basically be the same ,celebrities driving around in a car, singing songs and joking around current Late Late Show host James Corden won’t be on the show. Instead, the series will feature the same format, but with a new, yet-to-be announced DJ/Host behind the wheel.

Apple Music may seem like a strange fit for the series, but Apple’s Eddy Cue explained to The Hollywood Reporter that they are open to hosting video content that fits with Apple Music’s overall brand. He told THR,

"We’re not in the business of trying to create TV shows. If we see it being complementary to the things we’re doing at Apple Music or if we see it being something that’s innovative on our platform, we may help them and guide them and make suggestions. But we’re not trying to compete with Netflix or compete with Comcast."

Surprisingly, Carpool Karaoke isn’t the only commuting-based singing show in the works. Spike TV will air a new show called "Caraoke Showdown", in which Actor & Comedian Craig Robinson drives random people around a car as they compete in a singing competition !