Monday, August 15, 2016

Review: Netflix's Origional Series: "The Get Down"

" Iconic Rapper Nas and Film Director Baz Luhrmann team up to deliver an awesome new series about the origins of Hip Hop."

The new series, is Netflix most expensive series and one of the most expensive TV shows ever, with a cost of $120 million for two series. Set in the Bronx, in 1977, an orphaned teenager (Jayden Smith) has a gift for words but little confidence in his abilities. Ezekiel pines for the girl, Mylene (Herizen Guardiola), who is determined to escape her religious family – and all threat of romance – by following her dreams of disco divahood.
At the same time a mysterious graffiti artist, Shaolin Fantastic (played by the staggeringly beautiful Shameik Moore), seeks a word-smith partner to begin training in an emerging music genre, founded on break-beats and compelling verses. What I enjoy most about this new series is that it understands that, Hip hop, especially old-skool hip hop, never refused anything in its mix, building music on rhymes and references, where storytelling blurred reality and myth with glee. Director Baz Luhrmann & Producer Nas have created an amazing hip-hop narrative, throwing the whole culture on his turntables. This just might be the costliest TV series you’ll ever see !