Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Spotlight: Celebrate The Beastie Boys 30th Album Anniversary of "License To Ill"

Licensed to Ill was released nearly 30 years ago, but it was November 15, 1986 when the Beastie Boys put out their debut album on Def Jam and Columbia Records. An album whose songs from this record would go on to win awards, extensive accolades, establish a lifelong fan base and make tons of money. “Girls”, “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn”, “Brass Monkey” and another ten tracks confused and delighted listeners with it’s unique and unexpected sound from three Jewish rappers from New York City.Three decades later, after countless plays across all mediums (tape, record, MP3, streaming), fans can pick up an array of products that celebrate the underdogs who appeared on the music scene and took it over. Licensed to Ill is being re-released as a 30th Anniversary LP printed on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl. You could buy it to hang it on your wall, but we recommend first playing it on your turntable. As you’re jamming out in the living room, do so wearing a classic black overhead hoodie that the 14-year- old you would swoon for, while you check the time on your Mike D timepiece by Nixon.