Monday, February 6, 2017

James Hetfield of Metalica Speaks Out On Pornography

Famed Metalica Vocalist and Co-Founder James Hetfield shocked the world last week when he announced that he has struggled with porn addiction and that although most people dismiss the issue as being miniscule or not that serious, Hetfield argues that pornography is rooted in a much deeper issue and that it also plays a big part in eroding a relationship. Last week it was also announced that Hetfield has completed narrating a documentary on the exact same subject.

Hetfield provides the narration for new documentary that looks at the issue of porn addiction, its negative psychological effects, what it can do to relationships and how to overcome it.
The film, called Addicted to Porn: Chasing the Cardboard Butterfly, is currently being screened around the country. From the movie’s official synopsis:

In what may well be one of the most devastating issues in modern culture, this film will break down the damage that porn is doing to us a human race and leave you thinking that it's clearly time that we start taking porn addiction a bit more seriously.

It’s not the first collaboration between Hetfield and filmmaker Justin Hunt. Hunt interviewed Hetfield—along with a variety of other well-known artists and writers including John Eldredge—in a film about disengaged fathers called Absent.