Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tech: Check Out The Gonex Survival Grenade !

For just $8.99, this Gonex Survival Grenade Keychain Emergency Kit delivers ! This keychain features 11 different useful items that drastically improve your chances of getting out alive in an emergency situation. Packed in its 9-feet of adamantine rope – which passed a 550lb. test – you’ll find an eye knife, carabiner, tin foil, cotton tinder, magnesium flint rod, niddle, and an array of fishing tools (sinkers & swivels, hooks, floats, and fishing line).

Essentially, when put to good use, this Gonex Survival Grenade Keychain can be utilized to repel short distances, start fires, catch fish and build hunting traps, not to mention an amalgamation of other stuff.

Specially designed to offer great capability and be corrosion and aging-resistant, this little grenade looks great on any set of keys, or easily stows away in a day-pack. At less than $9, it’s really hard to pass up knowing it could very well be your saving grace one day.