Tuesday, February 28, 2017

YouTube To Offer A Cable-Free TV Subscription With 40 Networks

Today YouTube announced that they would offer their own subscription-based package that would allow users to watch network television with the bonus that you won’t need to be a cable subscriber to get it.

The service that will provide live and on-demand television programming will be called “YouTubeTV.” Subscribers can view their favorite shows on the internet and on any device. Plus they can also record as many programs as they want.

From CNBC:

The subscription, which will cost $35 a month for a family plan of up to six accounts, will give people access to up to 40 networks, including all broadcast channels as well as cable channels like USA, FX, Freeform, ESPN, Fox Sports and NBC Sports alongside YouTube creator content. Add ons include options to subscribe to Showtime and soccer programming for an additional fee.