Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Introducing "Hard Coffee"

For those that are familiar with the drinking game,  we first had "Hard Lemonade", followed by "Hard Cider" and "Grandpa's Rootbeer". Now for all of you Beer and Liquor aficionados, we present Bad Larry’s, a canned, boozy coffee drink hitting shelves in May. The concept is the brain child of three guys: Larry Abernathy, Blackeye Roasting Co. founder Matt McGinn, and restaurateur Matty O’Reilly.

The hybrid beverage is made in a manner similar to craft brewing: a Brazilian blend of cold brew from Blackeye Roasting Co. is steeped for over 16 hours and combined with a sugar sweetener. It gets a nitrogen top-off (which is standard for any non-carbonated beverage in a can) and is canned in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The result is said to be a smooth blend of medium roast coffee with malty, syrupy, and nutty notes.

Each 11.5-ounce can contains 6% alcohol by volume, 180 milligrams of caffeine, and 19 grams of sugar. Sold in four-packs, Bad Larry’s will initially debut on shelves in Minnesota and western Wisconsin through Bernick’s, with distribution likely following in Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, and Montana. Two more flavors are also in the works.
Bad Larry’s will be the first packaged “hard coffee” on the market, and it comes just in time for all those spring and summer activities.