Friday, June 2, 2017

A Pittsburgh Couple Gets The Opportunity of a Lifetime When They Scored 2017 Stanley Cup Finals Tickets For Free !

Married couple Amy and Mike Santora, are longtime Pittsburgh Penguins fan, but with three daughters they rarely have the time and resources to catch a game, especially on pricey Stanley Cup Finals tickets.But as luck would have it, according to CBS, Amy received a text early Wednesday evening offering four free tickets to that night’s game. She returned the call. The man at the other end said he texted the wrong number. End of story.

But Then....

“He called me back less than five minutes later and said he found Julianne [the person he initially intended to contact], but she was only taking one set of tickets, so I could have the other,” Amy says.

Mike walked in exhausted after a 14-hour work day when his wife informed him that they were just gifted $329 tickets on a fat-fingered blunder. And it only got better from there.

“There was no traffic on the way in to 28, which was unbelievable” Amy marvels. “This was at 7:38 p.m., by the way!”

Their lucky night continued. As they approached a jam packed parking lot, the attendant came running out and said, “A car just left. Come on in!”

Will call tickets gave them a seat just behind the goalie.

As you know, The Penguins went on to beat the Predators 4-1 in Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals.