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A Marvel Editor Was Cyber-Bullied This Past Weekend

Both Nerds and casuel Movie-goers alike, will agree that, superhero comics have enjoyed a nice decade or so in the sun given the success of both  Marvel’s and Dc's  films  but for all their box-office success and relative quality, the community remains a bit toxic for women We had the honor of interviewing Marvel Comics Editor, Heather Antos, not long ago. Heather Antos writes titles like The Unbelievable Gwenpool. She took a Friday selfie of her grabbing a milkshake with some Marvel co-workers. You might think such a tweet would be completely lacking in controversy, but sadly it wasn't. Here are just a few of the ones that didn’t contain crass language or explicit threats, and Antos claimed she got harassment via private messages too. (“SJW” is an acronym for “social justice warrior” which, although it sounds awesome, is a term the alt-right tends to use derisively.) A strong show of support From Antos’ co-worker and Daredevil writer Charles Soule finally shut the trolls down.

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