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Atari Has Released A‘Blade Runner’-Inspired Speakerhat With Music Playing Capabilities

Atari is a company featured heavily in the beautifully dystopian universe of Blade Runner. The company recently announced the release of their new line of wearables to coincide with the release of Blade Runner 2049 which allows fans and fashion lovers alike to block the harsh rays from the sun all while their favorite song plays in the background.

The aptly-titled Speakerhat is a baseball cap embedded with stereo speakers located in the bill of the cap and a microphone that connects with Bluetooth-enabled devices. Of course we’ve got to keep it as on-brand as possible so the company’s logo is largely plastered in the front to show all classic gamer fans that Atari is expanding to adventurous horizons. Blade Runner‘s depiction of futuristic technology is an aspect of the film that deems it immensely influential and this Speakerhat looks like it was plucked right out of Rick Deckard’s 2019 or Officer K’s 2049.

The National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NEDA) partnered with Atari to produce these limited edition hats and its COO, Joel Weinshanker, released a statement expanding on the relationship between these two brands:

“Blade Runner 2049 made a distinctive and memorable mark with its recent reveal trailer that skillfully captured and evolved the aesthetic presented in the classic original film… Atari was an enduring and essential element in the sequel filmmakers’ world-building. The minute the new trailer hit, we started getting requests for Atari-branded Blade Runner 2049 products and knew we’d need to partner with Atari to satisfy the countless joint fans of both franchises.”

Those interested in more Blade Runner-inspired technologies can look no further than the future lineup Atari has in store. Atari Connect COO Michael Arzt revealed that the company envisions “a full range of connected personal devices” inspired by the technologically-savvy worlds of Blade Runner and the like. Arzt promises that their new products will “speak to a whole new generation of Atari fans, while also honoring the decades of affection and devotion by our most loyal ones.”

While the idea is intriguing in theory, I’m interested in seeing how many consumers are lining up to purchase a hat that can play music. As someone who constantly turns down my music while wearing earbuds to not disturb those around me, I can’t imagine feeling the need to buy an item that actively reminds others about my incredible taste in music.

For those interested, the Speakerhat is currently on sale on the Atari Life website for the pre-order price of $129.99.

(Source: THR)


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