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Rachel Taylor of Rock Group 'He Is We' Found Not Guilty of Sexual Assault

Rachel Taylor, lead vocalist of indie pop act He Is We, has officially received a verdict of not guilty, exonerating her of the Sexual Assault allegation from 2017. The verdict followed a one-day jury trial held on June 4, 2019 in Jamestown, North Dakota. The verdict, which certified Taylor’s innocence of the criminal charge of Sexual assault, was met with a feeling of gratefulness and vindication by Taylor who had maintained her innocence since the charge was levied against her in September of 2017.

The details of the case revealed that the accuser, who was a newly hired musician for a He Is We tour in 2017, claimed Taylor had touched the side of her torso and her buttocks over a blanket while they shared a bed and a room with two other touring band members. The other two occupants of the motel room reported not seeing any criminal activity and the trial testimony by the accuser was contradicted numerous times by one of the touring band members who testified under oath during the trial.

The singer/songwriter stated that being falsely accused of a crime was one of the most devastating periods of her life, but nothing has ever been as painful and destructive for her than being falsely accused of sexual assault. Taylor, who is a sexual assault survivor herself, stated that the false sexual assault allegation revealed that she still carried deep wounds that needed healing.
Taylor stated that the emotional injury from the false claim was compounded by the financial impact sustained after He Is We was dropped from the tour, as well as the missed opportunities to tour while the unsubstantiated allegations, and her reputation, were under scrutiny. Despite that, Taylor stated that the positive growth she has experienced since September 2017 has made her stronger. The artist stated that her love for music and people remains resolute, and that her commitment to serve and inspire healing in others is steadfast and unrelenting.

While she was completely cleared of the sexual assault charge, Taylor still faced a separate misdemeanor of disorderly conduct, for which she was found guilty. This charge carries potential for up to 30 days in jail and up to a $1,500.00 fine. The He Is We singer, who has no prior criminal record, will most like be given an opportunity for the sentence to be deferred. If the sentence is deferred, Taylor will face probation, but the conviction will subsequently be removed from her record.
Despite these recent conflicts, Taylor is determined to look to the future, embracing a renewed sobriety and focusing once again on her musical venture, He is We. New music will be releasing soon from He Is We through the online musical community and movement, Can You Hear Me? CYHM? works with like-minded people to raise awareness, take action and provide a supportive, empowering community for teens struggling with issues such as mental health, bullying, and peer pressure. You can find out more about CYHM? at


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