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Review: Batman Vs. Superman

Whether you are a fan of comic book properties or not, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has proven to be one of the most polarizing films to hit the big screen in recent memory with critics quickly giving it a Rotten Tomatoes  score of 29% while  audiences responded warmly with a massive worldwide opening weekend of $424.1 million. In order to give this film a fair review a person must take a look at some of the biggest question marks for audiences heading into the film including Ben Affleck’s performance, Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, and the appearance of Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman.

I for one won’t hide it, I am a pretty big Batman and Superman fan and this has been a film I have been anxious to see. I  spent some time thinking about this film’s strengths and  weaknesses. It's safe to say that the film does carry a clear narrative and  successfully sets up the planned spinoffs and the future of The Justice League. 
All I can say is that, the intensity of the insanely long film is achieved with special effects, plot twists, geeky references with the volume being turned up to eleven from start to finish.

Without giving away too many spoilers I will say that , it's true that die-hard DC Comic fans might be doing punches and kicks in the air as the Justice League members are cleverly introduced, however the average film fan may be left scratching their head.
Overall I would say that  Zac Snyder's Batman v Superman blockbuster is an emotionally charged punch to the face. Ben Affleck totally nails it as Batman while Henry Cavil does an ok job as Superman. However it's newcomer Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman who really steals the show. Lastly I will just say that despite Batman and Superman being family friendly superheroes from the source material, this is unfortunately not a family friendly movie. DC Comics is really doing it's best to separate it's self from it's family friendly counterpart- Marvel. There has been some backlash  regarding Cavil's performance as Superman, however I feel as though he does fine. The duality of the character is that no matter how he is written, certain people will never be please because to most he is simply unrelatable . There has also been talk about Batman being too brutal in this film, however my rebuttal is that he initially used guns when we was first created and has used guns in many reiterations of his character. Simply put the source material is ever- evolving with the time and this film is no different. If you go in with an open mind, you will enjoy.
Have you seen the film ? What are your thoughts ? Let us know in the comic section below !

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