Monday, September 19, 2016

Game Over ! The Wiz Khalifa Vs. Andy Mineo Twitter Feud Ends

A Hip Hop Feud occurred on Twitter today. The feud started when Wiz Khalifa released a track that sampled the theme song to the Netflix series Stranger Things. Not long after, the magazine Esquire wrote about the track, stating, "TV theme songs are always mined for hip-hop samples … So, with Stranger Things—the Netflix series that became the biggest hit of the summer—it was just a question of who would get to it first. That person is Wiz Khalifa."
The problem with this, as hip-hop artist Andy Mineo noted on Twitter, Wiz wasn’t first. He’d recently released a Stranger Things-inspired track called, you guessed it, “Upside Down.” After some serious backlash  from Mineo’s fans, Esquire corrected their piece adding, “Andy Mineo had technically already released a track that sampled the Stranger Things theme, though I had never heard it until today. It turns out, his is actually far better than Wiz's song.”