Monday, September 26, 2016

Review: Insecure

HBO nails it with it's new adaptation of Issa Rae's comedic web series, Insecure. We were able to catch an advanced screening of the new series and can say that this series aims to quickly rank it's self above this fall's top comedies. Critic's swooned over the recent release of FX Network's Atlanta, as it gave an honest  and in depth portrayal of African American life in America. Insecure follows much of the same formula but enhances it by taking the viewer into life as an African American woman in America.
What I love most about, Insecure is that it does not shy away from the many issues that black women face. Everything from failed relationships, to working as a career woman in corporate America is explored and made light of. Issa Rae and Executive Producer Larry Willmore even explore the taboo subject of The "Angry Black Woman" Syndrome. Overall Insecure is probably one of the most refreshing and bold new comedies of the Fall TV line up. If you're a fan of Atlanta this will be your cup of Kool- Aid ! Insecure is streaming now via The HBO Now App and will air October 9, 2016 on HBO.