Monday, December 5, 2016

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Go

Amazon Go is an upcoming  service from the online retailer which is looking to eliminate the need for cashiers, long lines and checkouts, by way of providing a grocery store that allows you to purchase an item as soon as you’ve picked it up from the shelf.In its current form Amazon has made a significant negative impact on the high street, routinely providing better offers than physical stores along with the convenience of home delivery. But, if Amazon Go receives a larger roll-out than its current Seattle home, we could be looking at the beginning of the end for traditional grocery stores altogether.
Amazon Go allows customers to buy their groceries without having to wait in lines, check out their items or deal with human staff, with them simply “checking in” to the store via the Amazon app and with all items immediately being added to their shopping cart when they’ve been picked up from the shelves. The items each come equipped with sensors that identify when they have been moved from their position on the shelf, and customers need only return them to the shelf if they decide that they don’t want to buy them. When a customer leaves the store, the cost of their items will immediately be deducted from their  bank account on file.