Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The WATL Seeks To Become A Mainstream Sport

The sport of Urban axe throwing’ has exploded across Canada. Now one of the clubs responsible, Bad Axe Throwing, has plans to go worldwide with their own league.
Bad Axe Throwing is currently in ten cities across Canada and just opened their first U.S. club in Chicago. They plan to open 5-6 more locations throughout the U.S. in 2017, along with other locations overseas, before starting the very first ‘World Axe Throwing League.’
According to Mario Zelaya, the league’s chairman, the amateur league will consist of several axe throwing facilities around the world, eventually crowning a world champion that will win prize money.“Because of the strong demand for the sport of urban axe throwing, we’re establishing a World Axe Throwing League – similar to what you would expect for the NHL, UFC, NBA, MLB, etc.,” said Zelaya.
The  Game's Format
Similar to golf or darts in that individuals would face-off against one-another each week in their particular league in their home city.

Scores will be accumulated throughout the season and league play of 7 weeks.

Playoffs begin on week 8 in which a champion is crowned in a tournament.